Frequently Asked Questions

If you love someone or if you owe money, then the simple answer is yes. “I’ve got too much money,” is something no one ever says. At BPGS we use a needs analysis survey to help our clients identify just how much insurance they need and apply that information to come up with a balance between premiums and benefits.

There are a number of things to consider if and when an employee becomes disabled.  For a full explanation please view this document.

That’s a big question that requires discussion to answer. The important issue is determining the right amount of death benefit so that your family is adequately covered. The type of insurance is secondary to that. We can help you weigh the benefits of term versus permanent life insurance as you consider these important questions.

We know that economic, tax changes, family dynamics and a variety of other factors can affect your plan and ultimately impact your ability to reach your goals. We set a direction, review regularly and will change course if necessary. As life changes, we want to accommodate those changes. If you would like to receive timely information about changes that could affect you, SIGN UP to our email list.

Our reputation is based on integrity and trust. BPGS can help handle a wide-range of financial and insurance solutions. We have a long history of providing Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan insurance and financial solutions to clients. No matter what your financial or insurance needs may be, we can help you find a solution.

We will be able to advise on this during our initial meetings with your company.

A new employee can sign in one of two ways: they can complete an employee application form or their plan’s administrator can enrol a new employee online through the My-Benefits site.

There is a standard 3 month waiting period for new employees.

There are two different ways to submit a claim: an employee can submit a paper claim or can use the My-Benefits phone app and submit a claim online.

Yes, dependents who are in university and who are solely depend on their parents can be covered under your plan until the age of 25.