Group Retirement

and Pension Benefits

All of your employees are going to retire one day, and although they all pay into Canada Pension Plan most retirees find that CPP isn’t enough to maintain their lifestyle after they stop working.The alternatives aren’t good: work after retirement, put a burden on their families or sell their homes.

Group retirement plans allow employers to help their employees start saving for retirement now instead of later- and by the magic of compounding interest be tens of thousands of dollars when you retire.

BPGS can help to find you the best group investment options for pensions and RSP’s to meet your employees’ retirement needs.

Compound Interest Calculator

How much could you save for retirement?

Use the compound interest calculator at the link below to find out. Try adding or subtracting a few years to see how significantly extra years of saving can affect your retirement income.

Compound Interest Calculator

78% of employers say financial stress reduces employee productivity*

*Source: 9th Annual MetLife Study of Employee Benefit Trends, 2011

Our Process

At BPGS our process is to always collaborate with you and provide you with an annual review of your retirement planning to keep up with your ever-evolving needs.

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