Making sure that you’ve got the best health & life insurance is hard: how often should you check that you have the best coverage for the best price? Once a year? Twice? Where do you look to make sure that your policy fits your needs? By getting health and life insurance through BPGS you don’t need to worry that you are getting the best coverage: experienced benefits professionals will make sure that you have exceptional coverage, so you can rest assured that whatever happens to you or the people close to you will be looked after.

At BPGS we can help you plan for unexpected illness, injury or death. When you’re dealing with this type of life trauma, the last thing you need to be worrying about is if you or your family are financially covered. If you are the owner of a business it becomes even more critical for you to obtain insurance so that the legacy of your business can remain far into the future.

Critical Illness Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance

Disability Plans

A detailed needs analysis will help determine how much life insurance your family or business needs and because BPGS is contracted with major life insurance companies across Canada we can advise you on the plans that will best suit your needs.

Term Life
Whole Life
Universal Life

In 2015, $11.1B in life insurance benefits and $32.2B in health insurance benefits were paid out to Canadians, with over 90% of those dollars going to living policy holders.*

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Our Process

At BPGS our process is to always collaborate with you and provide you with an annual review of your health insurance to keep up with the changes that life brings your way.

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