Group Benefits are a powerful way to keep your employees healthy and happy. By paying a small percentage of their paycheques into a policy, employees gain access to health benefits, insurance against death or injury, dental coverage, even money off massages and teeth cleaning. We’re able to provide you with a number of group health benefits options, including cost-plus plans which is one of the most tax-effective means of covering health, dental or vision care expenses.

According to Statistics Canada, 36.3% of working age Canadians have prescriptions for medication, some of which can cost hundreds of dollars for a month’s supply. By taking this burden from your employees you can significantly enhance their lives- and they’ll thank you for it by not bringing financial and health problems to the workplace.

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Most of our healthcare benefit providers have online and app-based claim filing systems, so there’s no hassle of sending receipts to your provider to get a payment- you just snap a picture of the receipt and a day or two later money is deposited in your account.

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At BPGS our process is to always collaborate with you and provide you with an annual review of your plan to keep up with your ever-evolving business.

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