We did an EPIC thing…

We did an EPIC thing…


So…as some of you may recall, we did a thing in November. It was rather epic, and most certainly life-altering in all the right ways.

Chantal Lacasse and I could not have made this happen without all of the great people that we train with, adventure with, and explore with. Too many to tag for certain, but a huge shout-out to our event organizers Dave Pickles and Rob Edmond as well as our incredible Sherpa’s Muktu Sherpa and Anima Sherpa

Now, Wealth Professional Canada magazine has written an article about it, so I thought that I would share:

‘When things are hard you either keep going or stop stopping’
Other Life: Whether a business challenge or an Everest record attempt, financial planner Jason Desaulniers has no quit in him

Read the full article here

Here are some pictures I took

A big thank you again to everyone who helped make this happen!



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