At BPGS, you can rely on us. We’ve compiled this helpful list of resources so you can have tips on administering employee benefits plans, or even if you need helpful financial advice for your life.

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Analysts analyzing financial charts in office
Small Business

Building Business Financial Resilience: A Complete Guide

In today's fast-paced business landscape, financial resilience is not a luxury; it's a necessity. Economic downturns are a ...
Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance: Why Canadians Need It

Critical Illness Insurance provides financial assistance when you or a family member on your Chamber of Commerce Group ...
Small Business

How To Create A More Accessible Workplace

With the passing of the Accessible Canada Act in 2019, there’s an increased focus on improving workplace accessibility ...
Employee Health

How To Support An Employee After They’ve Suffered The Loss Of A Loved One

Tragedy can fall onto those closest to us, and this includes your own employees. It's important to know ...
How to improve productivity in the workplace and foster self-motivation
Small Business

How To Improve Productivity In The Workplace & Foster Self-Motivation

A key driving force to improve productivity in the workplace is motivation. It’s what encourages your employees to ...
How to help employees plan for their retirement

How To Help Your Employees Plan Their Retirement

Retirement planning is, ultimately, your employee’s responsibility. However, as an employer, you can help your employees by showing ...
Supporting mental health at work
Employee Health

How To Support Mental Health At Work

As an employer, it’s critical that you create a working environment that is supportive of mental health at ...
how will employee benefits change after CVOID-19
Small Business Health Benefits

How Will Employee Benefits Change After COVID-19?

The pandemic has caused many difficulties in the last year for both employees and employers.  For many employers, ...
How to support your employees over the holidays
Employee Health

How To Support Employees Over The Holidays

The holiday season brings joy, festivities and happiness - but it can also cause a lot of stress ...
employee health
Employee Health

Your Employees Health | How to Help Employees Suffering With Chronic Disease

An issue that isn’t brought to light very often is the health and well being of people in ...
planning for retirement

How To Plan For The Retirement You’ve Always Dreamt Of

We spend a large portion of our lives dreaming. Dreaming about going to high school graduation, dreaming about ...

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