At BPGS, you can rely on us. We’ve compiled this helpful list of resources so you can have tips on administering employee benefits plans, or even if you need helpful financial advice for your life.

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Health Benefits Guide for Pregnancy: 9 Ways to Stay Healthy While Pregnant
Employee Health

Health Benefits Guide for Pregnancy: 9 Ways to Stay Healthy While Pregnant

You’ve found out you’re pregnant—congratulations! To celebrate, we’ve put together a health benefits guide to pregnancy for you.  ...
guide to employees well-being
Employee Health

A Guide to Boosting Your Employee’s Well-being

According to the Mental Health Commission of Canada, approximately 500,000 employees are unable to come to work each ...
alberta health insurance
Small Business Health Benefits

Alberta Health Benefits | How to Choose the Right Plan

We are lucky as Canadians to have such a great healthcare system that saves us hundreds of thousands ...
retirement savings plan for self-employed

How to Save | A Retirement Savings Plan for Self-Employed Canadians

Being a self-employed Canadian is quickly growing in popularity. According to Stats Canada, as of 2018, 2.9 million ...
Critical Illness Insurance

Understanding the Importance of Critical Illness Insurance for Employees and Employers

Traditional health insurance coverage is a significant benefit for employees across Canada. But, sometimes this government insurance isn't ...
Small business health insurance FAQs
Group Insurance

How Do Small Business Owners Get Health Insurance? (Answers to Your FAQs)

When you own a small business figuring out how to get comprehensive and affordable health insurance can be ...
Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning: How to Take Control of Your Finances for the Future!

When you first enter the work-force retirement can seem like a lifetime away and it may feel like ...

Excalibur Executive Planning and BPGS Partner For Success And Growth

Bryon Pearman of BP Wealth & Insurance Inc. o/a BPGS or BP Group Solutions & Jason Desaulniers of ...
Extended Health Benefits in Alberta
Small Business Health Benefits

Extended Health Benefits Alberta | The Real Cost of Not Having Benefits

Thinking about extended health benefits in Alberta? Employees want to have health benefits that can truly enhance their ...
Small business tax changes
Small Business

The Big Small Business Tax Changes in 2019: What Canadian Businesses Can Expect

As grandpa used to say, there are only two things we're guaranteed on this earth: death, and taxes. ...
How does group insurance work
Group Insurance

How Does Group Insurance Work: Your One Stop Guide

When it comes to insurance, one of the biggest challenges that small businesses face is finding the best ...

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